Colleges in India

Colleges in India crossing the threshold of the college world seems bewildering in indifferent smog and complexity. Confusion strikes once you enter college in India and encounter the over crowded corridors, brick buildings of the same layout, harassed counselors and the smell of stale food from the cafeteria.

The confusions will fade away because getting into colleges in India is not a problem, you can choose from the 9,500 colleges where you want to enroll. It is advisable to choose the best college because it could be the foundation of your future. Identifying the best colleges in India is a not easy because there is no reliable rating system.

Nevertheless, due to the effort of the government, a commission was created to identify the top ten institutions and colleges in India that exemplifies higher learning. The assessment was broke up into two phases in the category of medical and engineering courses and the arts, science and commerce. The result of the assessment polled out the top colleges in India in the different field of specialization.

• St. Stephen’s – This College is incorporated in the Delhi University that offers the best science learning such as the math, biosciences and statistics.

• AIIMS – the cradle of the best undergraduate courses in medicine that gives advantage to students. After rigorous written examination only fifty students are admitted each year to ensure the quality of education. Total attention and best opportunities to learn are given to this bunch of students. All the expertise of the faculty members and senior professors are passed on to students that is why it is no surprise that only best students make it to AIIMS.

• IIT Powai – students who are inclined to science and technology can enhances their knowledge and ability in this college. This is one of the top colleges in India that specializes in engineering and computer science. A five-year simultaneous degree for a bachelor’s and master’s degree in technology was recently introduced by IIT. They offer a program for students in the innovative and cutting edge of technology. Soon the IIT will conduct a sports fest in robotics.

• SRCC – this is a first-rate autonomous school for business courses best for those who want to venture in business management.

• NLSIU – the successful experimentation of this college with an integrated curriculum has made it to be the Harvard of the East because of the lauded accomplishment in the field of social sciences.

Keeping in mind that education is the primary determinant in the knowledge economy, it is just right to give importance in choosing the right colleges in India that will benefit opportunities to students’ locally or even foreign students.